SOA 12c EJB timeout values


In 11g it was recommended to tune the following in concert to extend BPEL timeouts (in addition to the SyncMaxWaitTime and JTA timeout):


In 12c there are 4 additional EJBs:


Do they need to be tuned as well?


No, it is not necessary to increase the timeout values for the new beans in sync with the old ones

How to purge the ORASDPM schema in SOA 12c


Document 1287036.1 (Purging ORASDPM Schema On SOA 11g) provides the steps to purge the ORASDPM schema in SOA 11g but how can it be accomplished in 12c?


The Auto Purge process in 12c does not purge the ORASDPM schema.

However, in 12c it is not 'ORASDPM' but has changed to 'UMS'.

The Only Change is instead of <Instance_Name>_ORASDPM, in 12c it is <Instance_Name>_UMS.

Solved Oracle Jdevelper 12.1.3 Quick install missing SOA Suite Tiers

After installing Oracle jdeveloper 12.1.3 Quick Install successfully, one can't able to find SOA Tiers to create SOA & BPM applications. I solved this problem by simply updating the Oracle jdevelper as below :

1) Click Help>Check for Updates

Oracle WebLogic Server 12c: Configuring a JDBC Data Source

Setting Up the Schema in the Oracle Database

To set up the database schema required by the JDBC client application,  perform the following steps:
1.Download the file to the machine where your WebLogic Server domain and servers are. Extract the file contents to a local drive. In this tutorial, the files are extracted into the /home/oracle/jdbcobe/testds directory.
The zip file contains three files:
  • testds_oracle.sql 
    A SQL script to configure the required schema in the Oracle Database
  • testds.war 
    A simple web application used to test the configured data source
    A WebLogic Scripting Tool (WLST) script used to deploy the web application
2.Log in to the system as the user that started the Oracle Database. Open a Terminal  window and navigate to the location of the SQL script file, testds_oracle.sql. n this tutorial that is:
$ cd /home/oracle/jdbcobe/testds
Make sure that the database environment variables are set by printing them out:
$ echo $ORACLE_HOME 

$ echo $ORACLE_SID 

Note: The values of your environment variables may be different. If there are no  values printed, then set the variables to the proper values with: