Oracle WebLogic Server 12c: Configuring a JDBC Data Source

Setting Up the Schema in the Oracle Database

To set up the database schema required by the JDBC client application,  perform the following steps:
1.Download the file to the machine where your WebLogic Server domain and servers are. Extract the file contents to a local drive. In this tutorial, the files are extracted into the /home/oracle/jdbcobe/testds directory.
The zip file contains three files:
  • testds_oracle.sql 
    A SQL script to configure the required schema in the Oracle Database
  • testds.war 
    A simple web application used to test the configured data source
    A WebLogic Scripting Tool (WLST) script used to deploy the web application
2.Log in to the system as the user that started the Oracle Database. Open a Terminal  window and navigate to the location of the SQL script file, testds_oracle.sql. n this tutorial that is:
$ cd /home/oracle/jdbcobe/testds
Make sure that the database environment variables are set by printing them out:
$ echo $ORACLE_HOME 

$ echo $ORACLE_SID 

Note: The values of your environment variables may be different. If there are no  values printed, then set the variables to the proper values with:

Shell Script for Monitoring all Unix Servers running

How to automate Unix servers performance monitoring and send report ? How to achieve same if you have numerous fixed flavor of servers like Linux, SunOS, AIX etc with single script.

SO, here I'm going to share you the shell script whose job is to send email report of all servers ( Linux and Solaris ) running. This script will first do ping test first after succeed gather rest of details one by one. This shell monitoring script will calculate CPU utilization (CPU 5 min , 1- min , 15 min load, CPU usr , CPU sys and Total number of Processes running ) , Memory utilization ( Total RAM, used RAM, free RAM, Total Swap, used Swap , free Swap) and the disk utilization of each servers of which you only need to watch.  one great capability of this shell script is to customize disk utilization monitoring of only location/path you are interested.

The report email send will be in below format:

Report email
Report Email