JDBC Weblogic server Issue

WebLogic Server Crashes because of native JDBC driver libraries

As type-2 JDBC drivers use native code, problems in these drivers may lead to a crash of the JVM and WebLogic Server. If your server crashes, check information provided in the Binary Core File Analysis . This information will help to track down the native library that causes the crash and provides tips on how to solve the problem.

WebLogic Server or application hangs in JDBC driver methods or functions

A JDBC connection uses an execute thread from WebLogic Server to perform its work. This means that a hanging request to a database blocks one thread in WebLogic Server. Problems with the JDBC connection or the database infrastructure can lead to a hang in WebLogic Server or the application. Information on analyzing this kind of problem is included in the JDBC Causes WebLogic Server Hang Support .

A memory leak of JDBC objects leads to an OutOfMemoryError or growing process size

JDBC objects used by connections from the JDBC connection pool or in application code, that connect directly to a database, are part of the heap or native memory of the process. If these objects are not closed and freed correctly, a memory leak is the consequence, which causes increased heap usage or growing process size, and finally will lead to an OutOfMemoryErrorafter the JVM or the operating system cannot provide free memory anymore.If you see OutOfMemoryErrorsin your system and suspect JDBC objects to be the cause, please check Oracle WebLogic Server Core Server/JVM/Memory Issues Support Patterns - Investigating Out of Memory/Memory Leak Problems .

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